Our guild was built for serious PvP'ers! . Unlike most guilds, we are not about running dungeons or farming monsters. We are dedicated battling the horde and paving a knee deep path of corpses on our journey to epic PvP armor and weapons.

Game: World of Warcraft
Server: Stonemaul
Side: Alliance
Guild Master: Antihorde

||PvP|| is currently recruiting new members with the goal of running guild exclusive raids in the Battlegrounds of World of Warcraft. Our dream, through achieving high ranks in PvP, is to learn strategies and obtain powerful items that will empower us to defeat the Elite Horde Guilds of our server!

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  • Every Tuesday: Mail your in-game accomplishements to Artix for posting on the latest news!
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News and Events!
Feb 24, 2003
The guild now was 62 members and is looking forward to WSG this weekend!

Jan 10, 2003

Mail your in-game updates to Artix. Then find out how well you fair as a priest!

Jan 3, 2003
The guild now has 40 members and we are achieving our first goal of "all guild" battlgrounds raids. This is the first week that we have posted our accomplishments (so be sure to mail them in if you see some that are missing).

Rank Ups!
Amiens - Field Marshal!
Opti - Knight Chamption
Sxyannie - Knight Captain
Titanhunter - Knight Captain
Christaurus - Knight Captain
Artix -Knight Captain
Camor - Master Sergeant

New Members!