A Guild Dedicated to PvP!
Our guild was created to battle the Horde with honor, perserverence, and have a lot of fun doing it! ||PvP|| is a guild dedicated to ranking up and gaining faction through the battlegrounds. We have active members and a ventrillo server -- the makings of a great horde-grinder!

There is a saying in our guild...
"If you have a ||PvP|| group with 2 Priests, a Paladin, a Druid, and a Warrior... the Warrior BETTER have bandages (Cause he will need to heal the Priests, the Paladin, and the Druid...)"

Joking aside, the life of a dedicated PvP'er is one that takes patience, a willingness to work as a team, and an understanding that win or lose you never give up. Our philosphy is simple: When we win, we look at what we did right and try harder. When we lose... we look at what we did and try harder! We intend to use this strategy to achieve our goals in World of Warcraft.

Our Goals and Dreams

  • Increase all our Members PvP Rank and Faction
  • Run all-guild Raids in the Battlegrounds
  • Fill the first page of Stonemaul's PvP listing with our Members
  • Defeat both Deja vu and Final Ascention in a Guild-vs-Guild matches
    (The current Horde uber-guilds)
  • Conquer new Battlegrounds together as they are released
  • Make the horde uninstall the game... one guild at a time!

If you are ready to take on the life of a dedicated PvP'er contact the guild .